How Secured Business Loans Are Secured

Borrowing money for a business to expand or improve its operations, or borrowing money to begin a brand new business are both things that lenders are eager to help with. The lending institutions often have a list of choices for any business to use in order to get the capital they need to upgrade or cover their startup business financing.

Secured Business Loans are often the preferred choice of borrowers and it is easy to see why. First, a loan that is given against a security interest will have lower annual percentage rate of interest, or APR. This difference alone can mean tens of thousands of dollars less will need to be paid back to the lender over the life of the loan.


Another advantage of startup business financing for companies that are already in existence is that they can often use their accounts receivable or even their corporate inventory as security for the lender. This means that there need not always be land or a corporate owned building as the security interest, an important point if the company is leasing or renting their space.

Secured Business loans are also used for startup business financing. For new business owners, the use of a collateral interest in something of value can help the lender offer them a more low risk and low interest option for the money they need to borrow.

There tend to be fewer restrictions placed on the uses of money that is lent with a secured interest as part of the contract. Secured Business Loans are generally without requirements or restrictions placed on what the company can use the funds for, while the money that is lent in unsecured loan agreements will generally carry several contingencies and restrictions about how the money can be spent by the borrower.

There are choices for where businesses can borrow their money. Local lenders, such as banks or credit unions are available for in person application and customer service, and there may be an existing relationship with a banker that makes the transaction more personal. Online lenders can offer a high level of customer service as well, and can frequently supply competitive interest rates on their loan products.


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